L’ennui riot

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1. Desertos
2. Una Piccola Cosmogonia Dell'Amore
3. Neuf
4. Movimento Gravítico
5. La Vigie
6. La Nuit
7. Duna
8. Um Pauzinho Na Engrenagem

L'ennui riot searches for a balance between composition, thorough and with a sense of the work of a crafstman, while also carving a special palce for improvisation, free and working in the absence of formal constraints. This is the general framework for the creation of a space that brings together multiple influences, in an open discourse that flows in a mediterranean style, dwelling in a space that doesn't renounce the mixtures, but abhors the clichés of exotism.




Baixo ao alto

"No primeiro registo de Interlúnio, há jazz original com sabor mediterrânico"

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