Marcelo do Reis "Flora"

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1 - Big Tree

2 - Amanita

3 - Tampanesis

4 - Cornelia

5 - Sky Blue Petunia

6 - Full Sun

MARCELO DOS REIS guitar and composition 
MIGUEL FALCÃO double bass 

May 14 2023 AT Blue House Studio 
MIX AND MASTER BY Guilherme Correia 
GRAPHIC DESIGN Joana Monteiro 
ILLUSTRATION Ernst Haeckel “Kunstformen 
der Natur (1904) Plate 72 — The Muscinae” 

SPECIAL THANKS TO Adriana Ávila, Jaime dos Reis, Rossana dos Reis,my Parents, José Miguel Pereira, Mário Pinto, Guilherme Correia,Hugo Sales, Joana Teles Monteiro, José Cruzio, Jorri (Bluehouse),JACC, Academia de Música CNM and at last but not least, to my brothers Luís Filipe Silva and Miguel Falcão for sharing this vision with me. 

JACC Records 2023 

Marcelo dos Reis is one of Portugal's most renowned jazz and improvised music musicians. As well as playing at the most prestigious festivals and venues across Europe, his work has been widely recognised, and among the countless references in the specialist press, he has been named musician of the year by magazine, he has been named one of the top 5 guitarists four times in the prestigious publication El Intruso, which includes journalists from all over the world, and more recently he was named one of the most influential musicians of the last decade by the very important publication Free Jazz Collective.
FLORA is his debut as a trio leader, a group entirely dedicated to his original compositions, which cross genres and question forms. With a large component of improvisation typical of free jazz with roots in Bebop, a strong imprint of psychedelic rock, Krautrock and even Progressive, the trio bases its creative language on a universal and artistically broad music, music that can be seen on the debut album, recently released by JACC Records.

Alongside Marcelo dos Reis are Miguel Falcão (double bass) and Luís Filipe Silva (drums), two musicians with a solid background and creativity, both with distinct and relevant paths in the most diverse musical languages.

"In line with the typical, in jazz and garage rock, framework of composition open to improvisational elements, it was the listening and interaction between the musicians that resulted in the impactful performance. Everything that happened derived from the glances between the three artists, so that there was a rigorous meshing of the riffs, and the exchanged smiles with which they denounced the pleasure with which they were playing..." - Rui Eduardo Paes, Rimas e Batidas

"The trio performed the original songs with energy, in an irresistible jazz-rock style with hooks that grab you. On stage, the smiles the musicians exchanged showed the great musical interaction. The audience enjoyed it, the trio returned for the encore and performed "Brown Rice", a Don Cherry song. It was a perfect farewell, with the right energy." - Nuno Catarino,


Marcelo dos Reis, o herói da guitarra

“A música de Marcelo une-nos e leva-nos consigo.”

Marcelo dos Reis "Flora"

“Flora” marca um momento especial no percurso do guitarrista, compositor e improvisador Marcelo dos Reis. Composições originais suas que refletem um amplo quadro referencial, trabalhado com o contrabaixista Miguel Falcão e o baterista Luís Filipe Silva.

Best Psychedelic Music of September 2023

FLORA é um disco experimental de free jazz editado sob o nome de Marcelo, com ele na guitarra, Miguel Falcão no contrabaixo e Luis Filipe na bateria. Foi gravado ao vivo a 14 de maio de 2023, com seis jams instrumentais com influências psicadélicas e krautrock. O free-from jazz elétrico de FLORA é uma excelente escolha para os amantes do jazz espiritual de mestres como Pharoah Sanders e John Coltrane.

Marcelo dos Reis, Miguel Falcão & Luís Filipe Silva – Flora (CD Review)

“Esta é uma música muito emocionante em todos os aspectos.”

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