Rua da Alegria

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1. Hora de Ponta
2. Porto Balseiros
3. 218 ... Vamos Puxar, até
4. Bigman
5. 4 Anos
6. Unleash
7. Black May

Executive Production JACC RECORDS


Recorded at Quinta da Música (February 29/March 1, 2012), Grijo, Gaia, by João Ferraz

Mixed and mastered by João Ferraz

When I listened to this CD for the first time, what struck me first and foremost, was the consistent quality of both the writing and the arranging. That all the compositions were musically mature and confident, both surprised and excited me. This fresh, contemporary and unified sounding unit has created a CD that has a spirited coherent musical message.

Although all the compositions are excellent, the tunes by drummer Filipe Monteiro, guitarist Felipe Villar, and bassist Manuel Brito especially stand out. The challenging rhythms, sophisticated lyrical melodies, and the beautiful blending of the front line of vibraphone, trombone and trumpet sets a high standard for other student musicians to aspire to.

All the musicians have solid energetic recorded performances with good interaction and emotional commitment towards the music. However, as with most young players, their soloing will continueto improve with time. It gives me great pleasure to know that the future of jazz on the Iberian Peninsula is in good hands.

Michael Lauren, Lisboa 16/03/12



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