Albert Cirera

Saxophone (Tenor and Soprano)

With a vigorous sound and a phrasing that alternates between melodic and abrupt, the saxophonist has revealed a great versatility of styles, ranging from the most classical to the most contemporary jazz.

Begins music and violin studies at age 6. Later, he chose the saxophone as his main instrument by Alfons Carrasscosa. In 2007, he finished his course at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC), where he studied with Eladio Reinon, Xavi Figarola, Dani Pérez, Agustí Fernández, among others. He also studied at the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague (Netherlands) with John Ruocco.

He exchanged experiences with Tony Malaby, Ellery Eskelin, Bill McHenry, Perico Sambeat or John Ruoco. Since 2011 he has led his quartet Albert Cirera & Tres Tambors, but has also played with Duot, Agustí Fernandez Liquid Trio/Quintet, Free Art Ensemble, LandSpace, Javier Galiana & the Spice Berberechos, Wooookam, Triot, IED'8, Nelson Project, Asociacion Libre Orquestra, Esther Condal, El Petit de Cal Eril, among others.He has played with musicians such as Joe Morris, David Mengual, Joe Smith, Agustí Fernandez, Johannes Nästesjö, Massa Kamaguchi, Carlos Zingaro, Ulrich Mitzlaf, Dani Perez, Jaume Llombart, RJ Miller, David Soler, Celeste Alias, Alessandra Patrucco, Marc Egea, Tom Chant, Pablo Rega, Vasco Trilla, Olle Vikstrom, Julian Sanachez, Sonia Sanchez, among others.

He is present in several clubs in the Iberian Peninsula, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Portugal as well as in the Jazz festivals of Barcelona, Vic, Terrassa, Egido, Girona, Granollers, Banyoles, Lleida, Ibiza, Ezcaray, Sant Juan Evangelista, Hurta Cordel BCN , Hanoi (Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Skodra (Albania), Budapest (Hungary), North Sea Jazz (Holland), Rocella Jonica (Italy), Minde and Castelo Branco (Portugal). In 2011, he received the AMJM award for best group with the improvised music project DUOT. He also received the Enderrock award from critics for the best jazz album of 2011 for Nelson Project's “Vol.2 Mode Joe” (Quadrant).

He currently lives between Barcelona and Lisbon, where he quickly became part of the eclectic Lisbon music scene. He has collaborated in several projects and with musicians such as Hernani Faustino, Miguel Mira, Luis Vicente, Vasco Furtado, Federico Pascucci, Marcelo dos Reis, Marco Franco, Reunion Big Band, Francisco Andrade, João Lencastre or Gabriel Ferrandini.