Angelica Salvi


Angélica Salvi is a Spanish harpist, composer and sound artist who has been based in Porto since 2011. She boasts an extensive artistic career during which she worked with composers like Takayuki Ray, Joseph Waters, Heiner Goebbels, Stephen Andrew Taylor and also improvising musicians such as Butch Morris, Evan Parker, Joëlle Léandre and Han Bennink.

After graduating from Royal Conservatory of Madrid, Angélica continued her studies at the University of Arizona (United States) and the Conservatory of Music in The Hague (Netherlands), where she finished two master’s degrees specializing in improvisation, contemporary music and electroacoustics.

As a professional harpist, she collaborated on countless occasions with various symphony orchestras and ensembles from all over the world. Her first solo album “Phantone” was presented in music festivals like Boom FestivalWaking LifeLa Terraza MagnéticaCistermúsica, Super Bock em StockFMM Sines, Tremor or Jazz em Agosto.

Over the course of the past 10 years, she has immersed herself in the world of live electronics and has also been part of multiple projects in the field of experimental music, visual arts, dance and theatre, organized by groups such as Sonoscopia, Balleteatro, Oficina Arara, Crónica Electrónica, Teatro de Ferro and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble. Founding member of FMFX (Female Effects Collective), Angélica has created multidisciplinary projects such as “Harpoemacto”, “Nooito”, “Transcendecia and Delirium” and “Invisible Landscapes”. She is currently professor of harp at the Conservatory of Music of Porto.


Salvi (…) creating a base for a beautiful atmosphere and intensifying it, full of irregular, repetitive, unfolding motivesshe thereafter distinguished herself as a solo artistas an impressionist or even, imagine, like a distorted rock guitar. Halfway she approached a certain orientalism or the universe of Takemitsu. Between scattered notes and heavy glissandi, she would finally conclude with a gentle repetitive note.” (concert review of Joëlle Léandre X 5, in Serralves)