Felipe Villar Andrade



Felipe Villar began studying music at the Conservatory of Gondomar continuing later in Vigo, his homeland. The guitarist began his activity in the Permanent Seminar in Pontevedra Jazz and Studio of Santiago. fFinished his degree in ESMAE (School of Music and Arts Shows in Porto)

Abe Rabade, Paco charlin, Suso Atanes, Peter Bernstein and Jorge Rossy were some of the many teachers who have transmitted the knowledge Felipe Villar.

In his career can count on various projects, such as Travel Hats, Ten Jazz Men, Jazztroupe, Proxecto Lusogalaco, Chronology Quintet, Quintet Alberto Vilas, Chus Pazos Ensemble, Big Band ESMAE, Fernando Sanchez Quintet, among others.

During his career, also participated in events like Xancarajazz, Salasón, Nigrajazz (2007, 2009 and 2012), Canjazz (2008 and 2011), Banjazz (2008), Guimarães Jazz (2008 and 2009).

In 2010, Felipe Villar participated in Jazz Festa de Sao Luiz, where won the award for Best Jazz Combo and then recorded his first album in Porto (Rua da Alegria). In 2010 guitarist recording another album with the participation of Alberto Vilas Quintet (Experianza).