Filipe Monteiro

Drums and Percussion

:Filipe Monteiro began his musical training at age of six, under family orientation.

Later, he continued his studies in the Jazz School of Porto, where he graduated the Drums and Musical Training. He completed the course in the Professional School of Music Thorn, taught by respected teachers Joaquim Alves, Rui South Gomes, Nuno and Pedro Oliveira Aroso. Participated actively in workshops guided by Michael Lauren, Bruno Pedroso, Jeffery Davis, Nicholas Arnicho Perazza, Virgil Donati, TM Stevens, Carlos Barretto, Emmanuel Cathedral Journe, Nicolas Martyciow, Dan Weiss, Greg Ritchie, Jacob Sacks, Lars Dietrich, Matt Pavolka, among many others.

Acted in the Sesimbra Jazz Festival (here there jazz), The itinerant Jazz Festival (Portugal Jazz), the Festival de Jazz of Vigo (Imaxina SONS), the Tui Festival - at Plaza San Fernando (Jazz at the Border) and the Blue Porto Jazz Festival. It is drummer formations "Filipe Monteiro Electric Band" - FMEB, "Richard Okkerse Quartet", "Isabel Ventura Quintet", "Sara Miguel Quartet", "Manuel Linhares Quartet", and “Collective SV" among many other projects.

Completed the degree in drummer percussion at the School of Music and Performing Arts "ESMAE", under the guidance of renowned teacher Michael Lauren.

He currently teaches in the course at the Academy of Music Percussion Costa Cabral, and the official course of Drums in the Conservatory of Music de Gaia "Arteduca".