Gabriel Lemaire


Gabriel Lemaire is a French musician born on March 8, 1989. He is a saxophonist (alto and baritone), clarinetist (bi and alto), improviser and composer.

His musical training was notably with Bertrand Dubreuil, Jean-Charles Richard, Francis Lecointe, Guillaume Orti and Hayden Chisholm.

He currently participates in several projects ranging from solo to large orchestra. Among them, the trio YA SO MA, the duo ARQUES/LEMAIRE, the saxophone quartet MACHAUT, the ensemble MAÂT, MARCEL ET SOLANGE, WALABIX and the GRAND ORCHESTER du TRICOT. In addition, he works through meetings in theater (the company LES OISEAUX MAL HABILLES), dance (RUISSEMENT DE PELLES) and performance (PETITE NATURE). He co-founded the collective BATISSEURS DE PONTS, a collective that organizes improvised music concerts every week in Orléans, as well as the TRICOLLECTIF, bringing together musicians from Orléans and Paris around improvised music.
Plays and played with Sophie Agnel, Guillaume Aknine, Eric Amrofel, Yves Arques, Jean Aussanaire, Quentin Biardeau, Samuel Blaser, Richard Bohringer, João Camões, Théo Ceccaldi, Valentin Ceccaldi, Adrien Chennebault, Quentin Conrate, Fran Cossavella, Simon Couratier, Alexis Coutureau, Stéphane Decolly, Fidel Fourneyron, Anouck Genthon, Frank Gratkowski, Dimitri Hatton, Léo Jassef, Liz Kosack, Théo Lanau, William Laudinat, Nicolas Larmignat, Francis Lecointe, Bart Maris, Anton Mobin, Christophe Monniot, Roberto Negro, Satchie Noro, Poline Renou, Akosh Szelevnyi, Florian Satche, Arthur Simonini, Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, Luis Vicente, Luise Volkmann, Etienne Ziemniak.

He has performed in France and abroad on many stages, including the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Météo festival, Jazz à Vienne, Europa Jazz, D'Jazz Nevers, the Detours of Babel, the Petit Faucheux, Paris Jazz Festival, Jazz à la Défense , AJMI, Luberon Jazz, Jazzdor, Chinon Jazz Festival, Charlie Free, Malakoff National Stage, Orléans National Stage, Hot Club de Ghent, Hot Club do Porto, Salão Brazil in Coimbra, De Werf…