Jorge Reis



His first contact with music was with six years old at the Santa Cecí­lia Music Academy, studying the violin.He continues his classical studies completing the Violin studies at the Lisbon Conservatory, after which he integrated the RDP Symphonic Orchestra. 
Jazz appears as an alternative way of musical expression, and in 1983 he starts to teach himself the alto saxophone.A brief contact with the Hot Clube Jazz School allows him to consolidate his knowledge, and from 1985 on, he enters a very intense activity as a Jazz musician to this day.
He integrates, along with Mário Laginha and Tomás Pimentel, the Lisbon Jazz Sextet, with whom he records "Ao Encontro" in 1988.Still in the eighties he was a guest soloist with singer Maria João´s band, with whom he performed regularly.
From then on he has collaborated with every major jazz artist in Portugal, and played every major event.