José Menezes



Born in Porto in 1957. He graduated in the Jazz School of Music and Performing Arts of Porto, Composition Studies in Madrid and Pontevedra with Prof.s Jack Walrath and Bill Dobbins.

He studied saxophone with Dave Schnitter, Gerry Niewood, Alan Skidmore, David Liebman, Jan Garbarek, and Joe Lovano.

Course of Musical Pedagogy of Jos Wuytack. Was a founder of the Jazz School of Porto (1982). Director of Music and New Technologies program at the Professional School of Music Almada (2000). Founder and Director of Pedagogical School Jazz Torres Vedras. (2002)

Director of pedagogical workshops Sambeat Perico (2002), Dave Schnitter (2003), David Binney (2004) and Lee Nguyen (2006) in the School of Jazz Torres Vedras. Director of the pedagogical project "Jazz Goes to School", pedagogical action on Improvisation (2005) It is the artistic director and festival producer TVedrasJazz.

Worked with:

RDP-Northern Symphony Orchestra

Northern Regional Orchestra

Ensemble António Pinho Vargas

Decateto Mario laginha

Maestros Dieter Glawischnig, António Vitorino de Almeida, Miguel Graça Moura Ferreira Lobo, Pedro Osório and Thilo Krassman

 - Carlos Mendes

 - Herman José

 - Rogério Botter Maio

 - Paulo Gonzo

 - Luis Dams

 - Sérgio Godinho

 - Tito Paris

 - Dany Silva

 - Laurent Filipe

 - Sara Tavares

 - Lena Water

 - Rita Guerra

 - Helena Vieira

Currently directs the Big Band of the West, the Quintet José Menezes, the "UBU-4teto of saxophones."

Integrates LUME - Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble (L.U.M.E)


JR 042 CD

Turquoise Dream

JR041 CD

Fail Better!

JR038 CD

Fonte Grande

JR 040 CD CD

Goes Without Saying, But It's Got To Be Said

JR 039 CD CD


JR 037 CD

Fish Wool

JR 036 CD

Corda Bamba

JR 035 CD