Lars Arens

trombone/ composer


Hi, my name is Lars Arens and I'm a german trombonist, composer, arranger

I'm currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. Like I'm teaching as the jazz trombone docent at the "Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa",
I put some info here so that interested people can get some info about my biography and listen to what I like to play.

I began my trombone-studies at the age of 15. After long years of playing the drums.

My first jazz teacher was german trombonist Ulrich Plettendorff. In 1993 I took the chance to be the principle trombonist of the “Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität” big band, conducted by the american trumpeter Bob Lanese.

In 1996 I became a member of the ''Bundesjugendjazzorchester''(German youth jazz orchestra) conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer and from 1998 I started to participate in the concert activities and recordings of the orchestra. In 1996 I moved to the Netherlands to study at the Hilversums Conservatorium which would move to Amsterdam during my studies, due to a fusion of two schools.
I studied trombone and arrangement with associate professor's such as Bart&Erik van Lier, Ilja Reijngoud, Marc Godfroid&Martijn Sohier, Jiggs Wigham, Ed Neumeister.
I have had big band studies with names like Erik van Lier, Maria Schneider, Jim Mc Neely, Jiggs Wigham, John Clayton&Jeff Hamilton and Vince Mendoza.
I graduated in 2000. Still in Netherlands I got in touch with cape verdean music, and on a trip to the Cape Verde Islands I took the decision to get based in Lisbon for an indeterminated period to work there in Jazz projects and world music stuff.
Since then I'm here in Lisbon. I'm one of the founders/composers of our afro latin big band called ”Tora Tora”, made up from 6 different nacionalities. In 2003 I formed “Duôkapi”, a duo with Brazilian guitarist Virgílio Gomes and in 2007 I formed “L.A. Jumping Pulgas”, my new 4tet.
Beside my own projects I performed in TV shows, and I've toured frequently throughout Africa with african musicians like Tito Paris(Cape Verde). In Portugal I perform all over the country with top (jazz) musicians from here, and as the 1st trombone of the “Big Band do Hot Club de Portugal” I have had the chance to perform with great musicians like with Maria João&Mário Laginha, Chris Cheek, Julian Argüelles, Perico Sambeat. In 2004 I was lead trombonist of the European Jazz Youth Orchestra.
In 2007 I joined the European Movement Jazz Orchestra as lead trombone player. Recently I have worked as trombone player and arranger for the singers Paula Oliveira (Portugal) and Carmen Souza (Cape verde)and I've recorded on the album "viagens" with "Pedro Moreira 7tet".
I'm currently working on my new project "L.A.New Mainstream".