Luís Cunha



Born in Lisbon in 1984. Studied with Emidio Coutinho at the Professional School of Music Almada. Attended Masterclasses with Dave Taylor, Joe Alessi and Scott Hartman. Band member of the Navy. Played with Gift, fanfare Brass Band, Big Band Hot Club of Portugal, Sextet Thomas Pimentel, Jorge Costa Pinto Orchestra, Tito Paris, Pedro Abrunhosa, Reunion Big Band Jazz, Sérgio Godinho, among many others.


JR 042 CD

Turquoise Dream

JR041 CD

Fail Better!

JR038 CD

Fonte Grande

JR 040 CD CD

Goes Without Saying, But It's Got To Be Said

JR 039 CD CD


JR 037 CD

Fish Wool

JR 036 CD

Corda Bamba

JR 035 CD