Miguel Calhaz

Vocals; Double bass

Miguel Calhaz, freelance musician, singer and bassist, maintains musical projects in the areas of jazz, world music and Portuguese music, among which: Trilhos - Novos Caminhos da Guitarra Portuguesa, Romance da Pastora, Raiz, Latin Groove, Libertrio and Heart of Trio. He participated in tribute shows to Zeca Afonso, Sérgio Godinho and Fausto with the formations Os Cantautores and Emboscadas. He was a guest musician of the formation Danças Ocultas and the singer Zeca Medeiros. He participated in the first edition of the Jazz Festival at the S. Luiz Theatre in Lisbon, played at the 10 June celebrations at the Portuguese Cultural Centre in Praia (Cape Verde), at the Micaelense Theatre (Ponta Delgada), Aveirense Theatre, Lethes Theatre (Faro), Fórum Lisboa, Palácio de Cristal, Casino da Póvoa, Festa do Avante!, Sines World Music Festival, Maré de Agosto (Sta. Maria) and Raízes do Atlântico (Madeira), among many other venues and auditoriums.

He won the José Afonso Award (original theme) at the 3rd Cantar Abril Festival held at the Municipal Theatre of Almada in 2011, with the theme "Estas Palavras". He participated in the discs Trilhos - Novos Caminhos da Guitarra Portuguesa, Os Cantautores (tribute to Zeca Afonso, Sérgio Godinho and Fausto), Raiz (from the project with the same name) and Outras Viagens by pianist Marco Figueiredo.

Graduated in Music Education from the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, he is Professor of the Curricular Units of Seminar and Project, and Choir and Ensemble Music Workshop, of the Course of Teachers of Music Education of the Piaget Institute (Viseu). He studied in the double bass/jazz course of the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto.