Miguel Mira

Double Bass

Architect, painter and university professor as well as a musician, this double bass player who also used the electric bass and the acoustic bass guitar has been focusing, in recent years, on the cello, tuning it in quarters as double bass and generally using it with these functions. Born in 1958, he studied guitar at the Amateurs Academy of Music in the 70s with Professor Nagy. At the end of the same decade, he studied double bass at the Hot Clube, with Professor Zé Eduardo.

A jazz veteran - (with episodic forays into blues and rock), having covered practically all its trends from the “mainstream” to free and freely improvised music, passing through fusion - he has played with national and international musicians as diverse as Emílio Sea bass, Celso de Carvalho, António Ferro, Armindo Neves, Carlos “Zíngaro”, Paulo Curado, Ernesto Rodrigues, Abdul Moimême and Rodrigo Pinheiro. Joe McPhee, Evan Parker, Jeb Bishop, Scott Fields, Joe Giardullo, and Patrick. He is also part of the Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio and has a duo with fellow cellist Ulrich Mitzlaff.