Rodrigo Amado


Rodrigo Amado was born in Lisbon in 1964 and at 17 he dedicated himself to the saxophone, after an accident. Later, he studied briefly at Escola Hot Club de Lisboa with two of the best saxophonists in the city. Carlos Martins and Jorge Reis. Soon he played with several rock, pop and experimental projects, including bands led by Sei Miguel, João Peste, Nuno Rebelo, Flak or Vitor Rua, and the electroacoustic group Vitriol.

From 2004 to 2009 there were numerous projects in which Rodrigo Amado was part, in 2009 he created a recurring unit in Lisbon, called Motion Trio with cellist Miguel Mira and drummer Gabriel Ferrandini - a group that has great chemistry, giving us an impetus to Amado's playing, breaking up his lines and developing faster internal tempos.

On the other hand, we have The Wire Quarter, a denser group with Ferrandini and guitarist Manuel Mota. With that, Hurricane becomes, then, Rodrigo Amando's last working band with Ferrandini and DJ Ride, DJ Ride, confirming him at the center of a vigorous local scene with veins and a nervous system advancing to the world. Other musicians Amado has played and recorded with are Herb Roberston, Lisle Ellis, Paul Dunmall, Raymond Strid, Sten Sendell, Per Zanussi, Adam Lane, Joe Giardullo, Haris Eisenstadt, Alex Cline, Bobby Bradford, Vinny Golia, Dominic Duval, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Rafael Toral, David Maranha and others.