Ulrich Mitzlaff


Violoncello player (acoustic and electric) & compositor
ULRICH MITZLAFF completed his cello studies in the seventies at Tübingen (Germany) with Professor Stefan Zarnescú. Since 1996 he lives at Lisbon, Portugal, where he works as cellist and composer of contemporary and experimental music, improvisation, free-jazz, conceptual composition and sound-art. He collaborates with various artists in multidisciplinary and electro-acoustic projects and he is member of the art-association "granular" (http://www.granular.pt).
At the moment, he participates in music-projects like: the Duo I/O, electro-acoustic music with Carlos Santos; the "Zíngaro" / Mitzlaff / Viegas / Rosso - 4tet with Carlos "Zíngaro", João Pedro Viegas and Alvaro Rosso; the duo Ulrich Mitzlaff / Miguel Mira, presenting free improvised music and surprising sound creations; the quintet Nuova Camerata with Pedro Carneiro, Carlos "Zíngaro". João Camões and Miguel Leiria Pereira; Separados Frutos an experimental music and spoken word formation with Nuno Rebelo, Vera Mantero and Manuel Guimarães; the Open Speech TRIO with Carlos Bechegas and Carlos Santos; the trio Carlos Bechegas / Carlos "Zíngaro" / Ulrich Mitzlaff and the Fruit Music Quartet with Franziska Schroeder, Pedro Carneiro and Pedro Rebelo.

http://ulrichmitzlaff.com, http://www.granular.pt, http://www.facebook.com/#!/ulrich.mitzlaff, https://soundcloud.com/umitzlaff/