Vasco Trilla

Drums; Percussion

Catalan drummer (of Portuguese origin) Vasco Trilla is an omnipresent figure in the European improvised music scene. This year alone he had a handful of collaborative albums edited all over Europe and is likely not to stop there.

About him, there have been written giant compliments: “A boiling crucible of ideas, a multitude of experiences not only in the field of improvised music (…), unique musical craft, a wide repertoire of techniques implemented in sound production and a huge… practical knowledge of physics. No sound is obvious, and the level of predictability of what is going to happen reaches negative values.” Andrzej Nowak, Spontaneous Music Tribune.

 “Vasco is really one of the modern masters of a new ‘free sound approach’ to drum set and percussion. Defying the accepted conventions of speed, and ‘flashy’ drum set playing, he makes an incredible musical statement , taking us through a myriad of tones and emotions along a varied and tonally hybrid journey.” Pete Lockett