Yves Arques


Yves Arques graduted in Jazz Piano in CRR from Chambéry, Paris, and in HEMY in Lausanne where he validated his Bachelor Degree. He also studied classic writting in CRR in Grenoble, as well as in choir conduction, developing his studies in prepared piano as well as on a self-made electro-acoustic setup.

He’s natural from Grenoble, and debuted with musicians from the same region: Grégory Sallet, Kevin Lucchetti, Philippe Soriano, Oliver Destephany. He has worked with François Raulin within the Micromégas, and presented himself with Méderic Collignon, Eric Echampard, Louis Sclavis and Michael Porta.

In 2011 he moved to Paris, and a year later, he iniciated his double colaboration with Gabriel Lemaire (saxophone) and joined TRICOLLECTIF. The duo Lemaire/Arques released their first album “De l’eau la nuit” in 2015, by Tricollection.

In 2015 he formed the Ensemble Maât, a geometric group that works mixing improvisation and composition He works and plays regularly with Alexis Coutureau, Francisco Cossavella, Anouck Genthon, João Camões and Luise Volkmann,
In internships and master classes he has had the opportunity ti work with Bruno Chevillon, Marc Ducret, Jöelle Léandre, Jacques Demierre, Guillaume Orti and Stéphane Paven. Included in a variety of projects like Paridolia (JACC), Todos los Pajaros. He also performs in Free Fall, Gelber Flieder, Moon Phases, Kevin Lucchetti, Kintet, and has a duet with Roxane Roussel and is parto f the LYLAS CONCEPT. With these projects, Yves Arques, has released the following recordings: "De l'eau la nuit" (Tricollection 2015), "Meditation #4" (2017), "Trobar Beams" (2017), "Eclipse" (2017) and "Selon le vent" (JACC Records 2018).

He was also invited to different festivals throughout Europe and South America such as: Soirées Tricots 2015 (Paris, FR), Blurred Edges 2016 (Hamburg, DE), Festival International de Jazz 2016 (Buenos Aires, AR), JACC Festival 2017 (Coimbra, PT), Détours de Babel 2015 (Grenoble, FR). In parallel, he is a improvisation and piano teacher, as well as the director of the choir in schools and music conservatories in Paris.