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March 6, 2014

Since the execution of Estudos e Interlúdios, a piece published in 2000 and which we might call a truly demanding work with the duration of 25 minutes, composer António Pinho Vargas mantained close contact with Drumming Grupo de Percussão. For the composer this contact meant came to signify the possibily of working on the most unexpected creative aspect of his ouevre. suchis the case with Step by Step: Wolfs (2002) e Árias de Opera para Tuba e Percussão (2011) with tubist Sérgio Carolino as guest soloist. Every piece in this record has a theatrical side to it, that being one of Miquel Bernat's usual preocupations. With this in mind, António Pinho Vargas is forced to move into the diimension of an truly total performance.

JR041 CD

Fail Better!

JR038 CD

Fonte Grande

JR 040 CD CD

Goes Without Saying, But It's Got To Be Said

JR 039 CD CD


JR 037 CD

Fish Wool

JR 036 CD

Corda Bamba

JR 035 CD


JR034 CD