Get ready for the Funky Bones Factory

March 11, 2014

Led by the the sousaphone of the incredibly gifted Sérgio Carolino, the Funky Bones Factory is a brass band with a strong emphasis on groove. But it's not just a brass band (the sousaphone has the company of four trombones)... Together with the low register brass instruments you can find a young guitar player called José Miguel Moreira and a veteran of the portuguese jazz scene on the drums, Acácio Salero!

Get ready for the rumble! 

JR041 CD

Fail Better!

JR038 CD

Fonte Grande

JR 040 CD CD

Goes Without Saying, But It's Got To Be Said

JR 039 CD CD


JR 037 CD

Fish Wool

JR 036 CD

Corda Bamba

JR 035 CD


JR034 CD